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Journal as a Secret Weapon to Create Habits

How a Journal Can Help with Your Habits

Forming new habits can be a wonderful way to improve your life, reach your goals, and have the motivation and momentum to accomplish whatever you want. Using a journal as a secret weapon to create habits is a great place to start!

Keeping track is a small part of forming habits, as well as understanding exactly what is needed to succeed. This is where using a journal can come in handy and be the secret weapon to create habits. I especially enjoy this simple journal I ordered from Amazon.

to create positive habits use journaling as a secret weapon

Use Your Journal When Creating New Habits

In the beginning stages when you are deciding on the habits you want to form, a journal can be extremely helpful. You can start by looking at the areas you want to improve and some bigger goals you would like to accomplish.

Maybe you decide on a few different daily habits you feel would get you closer to your goals, starting with just one small habit at a time. Author James Clear states, “Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement” in his book, ‘Atomic Habits.’ A wonderful book to help with understanding and forming new positive habits!

Journaling before you decide what habits to create can also help you to work out the details. You know which ones to start with, what the daily habit and schedule should be, and how it can fit into your current lifestyle.

Combine Habits with Your Goals

You will also have some habits that are related to goals you have set for yourself. These habits help you to complete tasks required for your goals, all of which can be tracked right there in your journal. It makes it a lot easier to see how things are progressing and see that you are working toward a goal. This can create a feeling of accomplishment, clarity, and awareness about how hard you are working toward something. Check out my blog on awareness as a starting point for habit change.

Journal to Track the Progress of the Habit

Naturally, your journal will also be used to track your new habits. Remember to include the start date, what the habit is, why you are doing it. Track each day, including if you kept up with that new habit, and how it is going.

Look for Ways to Improve the Results

If you feel like your habit isn’t quite giving you the results you wanted, don’t quit it just yet. Use your journal as the secret weapon to really work out what has been going on and where you think it might be going wrong. Sometimes, it is because you were not consistent with it or not working hard enough on the new habit. In other words, there is just one small detail about it that needs to be changed. Journaling is going to help with this from the time when you create your habits, throughout the entire tracking process.

creating habits with journaling as a secret weapon for bigger goals

Keep Going To Reach Your Goals

The good news is that once you start improving in one area, you are usually motivated to keep going. This has been the case for me and many of the women I work with. Think about a time when you completed a small project such as cleaning out a closet or drawer. It feels good and propels you forward to want that feeling again with a similar task. Move yourself forward with each new positive habit. This will undoubtedly bring you to your bigger goals.

Reach out if you would like to talk more about how I can support you in improving your habits in midlife.

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