menopause symptoms

If your menopause arrived and you were blindsided, you’re not alone!

Whether I was ready or not, I was in full menopause at 44 (yes, 44!). Brain fog, anxiety, weight gain, dry skin, hot flashes, exhaustion, and irritability had been going on since my late 30’s (peri-menopause).


Hi! Let’s chat about something as exciting as menopause and food issues. Okay, maybe not exciting, but definitely something we can handle with some humor and a sprinkle of honesty.

Picture this: life gets crazier than a squirrel in a coffee shop, right? I’m talking about being in the throws of building a career in nursing, carting children off to activities, endless to-do lists, and stress escalating to the rooftops. And then peri-menopause shows up in my late 30s, early 40s. What the heck?! I thought I’d be ‘old’ when hormone changes happened?!

And what do I do? I seek solace in the arms of sugar and alcohol like they are my best friends. And guess who tries to gatecrash the party? Yep, the eating disorder we kicked to the curb years ago. Unexpected and definitely unwelcome!

Meanwhile, getting a decent night’s sleep and fitting in some exercise feels about as likely (especially after the wine and sugar) as finding Bradley Cooper mowing my lawn 😉. Each day felt like an uphill battle!

And, as a seasoned nurse of over two decades, you’d think I’d have all the answers, right? WRONG! Managing menopause symptoms was like navigating a maze blindfolded, and my physician’s advice felt about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.

Fast forward a bit, and the inevitable weight gain happened! I felt like I’d been hit by a truck and spent most of my days wondering who the heck this irritable person was. I felt bloated, tired, and suffered from hot flashes ALL the time!

I finally got the help I needed to manage menopause symptoms and eat intuitively!

Good news: There’s a light at the end of this sweaty, bloated tunnel. It’s time for you to take charge, embrace intuitive eating, and tackle these symptoms head-on like I did. Don’t waste all the years I did!

✔️ I learned how hormone changes were affecting my mood, weight, sleep, blood sugar levels, and cravings.

✔️ I recognized I was feeling incredibly stressed with hormone and body changes and using food to cope.

✔️ I developed healthier coping skills and self-compassion to improve my physical and mental health. I prioritize sleep, nutrition, stress management, connecting with others, and movement I enjoy to feel my best!

✔️ Without deprivation and with kindness and compassion, I made peace with food! I finally trust my body to make food choices to feel and look my best.

I went on to become a Certified Women’s Health Coach to help women like you with hormone changes.

Let’s get real. Life is too short to let menopause and food issues get the best of us!

✔️let me educate and empower you to understand changing hormones so you can navigate this phase of life with confidence.

✔️you’ll understand intuitive eating – honoring your body’s hunger and fullness cues rather than strict diet rules.

✔️I’ll offer tips on a menu plan to suit your nutritional needs and preferences. Get my free high-protein and high-fiber recipes (10) to feel better TODAY on my RESOURCES page.

✔️I help you manage stress and find enjoyable forms of physical activity you can maintain to improve mood and energy levels.

START HERE: Get the free symptom tracker on my RESOURCES page so you can prioritize where to start.

Reach out and book a free discovery call so we can chat about where you are and where you want to get to!

Best decision I made!

“I finally felt heard and was guided to making the choices that finally improved my health. I believed I could do it and did.”
Noreen H

Eating without restrictions has helped me realize what I truly need!

With Kathleen’s guidance, I can now manage my menopause symptoms and have freedom from food restrictions. Something I have struggled with my whole life.
Patty D
my puppy
Our adorable Labradoodle, HUDSON

When I’m not helping women make peace with food, understand changing hormones, and manage symptoms, you can find me…

eating peanut butter, reading, knitting, traveling, petting or walking our (anxious) Labradoodle, or outdoors with my husband. We also love to hang out with our two amazing adult children, and run around with our energetic, handsome grandsons, Jack and Rory!

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