I’m Kathleen — a nurse, health coach, and woman in midlife who is passionate about helping women manage menopause symptoms with healthier lifestyle choices and get to their natural weight without dieting and deprivation!

You spend more than half your life in perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. . . what if you didn’t have to suffer through it?

Are you struggling through menopause with hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, anger, insomnia, and weight gain? Feeling alone, confused, overwhelmed, and dieting again only to regain the weight?

I get it! I can help you manage your menopause symptoms with improved lifestyle choices, regain your confidence, and get to a healthy weight without depriving yourself!

So what do I do? I rely on sugar and alcohol as a quick fix. And the eating disorder I kicked to the curb years ago tries to show back up. Exercising and getting a good night’s sleep were happening less and less.

Inevitably I made my menopause symptoms worse, much worse, and packed on over 20 pounds! I was bloated, tired, achy, and suffering from hot flashes ALL the time!

I finally realized I needed help to manage my menopause symptoms and eat and live intentionally!

✔️ I worked with a health coach and learned how hormone changes affect mood, weight, sleep, blood sugar levels, and cravings. And recognized that we can feel better once we change lifestyle choices!

✔️ As I developed healthier coping skills, I prioritized sleep, nutrition, stress management, connecting with others, and movement I enjoy to feel my best!

✔️ I made peace with food and lost the 22 lbs I had gained! Without dieting and depriving, I trust myself to make enjoyable nutritious food choices!

Let’s get real. Life is too short to let menopause and food issues take over!

✔️ I listen and help you identify your most troublesome symptoms.

✔️Stop feeling defeated and beating yourself up as you recognize you can nourish yourself in ways that don’t always include food. It’s not about willpower!

✔️ Dieting works temporarily but you end up putting the weight back on because dieting doesn’t work with how our bodies are designed.

✔️I help you understand what’s getting in the way of you prioritizing YOU so you can finally feel and look your best both mentally and physically in midlife!

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Best decision I made!

“I finally felt heard and was guided to making the choices that finally improved my health. I believed I could do it and did.”
Noreen H

Eating without restrictions has helped me realize what I truly need!

With Kathleen’s guidance, I can now manage my menopause symptoms and have freedom from food restrictions. Something I have struggled with my whole life.
Patty D
my puppy
Our adorable Labradoodle, HUDSON

When I’m not helping women make peace with food, understand changing hormones, and manage symptoms, you can find me…

enjoying peanut butter, reading, knitting, traveling, petting or walking our (anxious) Labradoodle, or outdoors with my husband. We also love to hang out with our two amazing adult children, and run around with our energetic, handsome grandsons, Jack and Rory!

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