Menopause is inevitable. Suffering is not!

kathleen coaching menopausal women

I get it! I was there.

Dieting and depriving sets you up to not listen to and trust your body.

Are you . . .

  • tired, irritable, moody, bloated, sleep-deprived, and just plain confused about how to manage fluctuating and declining hormones?
  • gaining weight without changing your eating or workout routine?
  • feeling deprived as you go on another diet… again only regain the weight?

As a registered nurse and women’s health coach, I am dedicated to helping you navigate menopause.

Through intuitive eating, I empower you to improve your health, embrace a positive body image, and help you create space for what you truly need in midlife!

Kathleen standing in front of trees during travel to Ireland

Kathleen McDermott MSN, RN

Why Me?

As my unmanageable menopause symptoms got worse (full menopause at age 44), I was relying on food to feel better. An admitted chronic dieter, I refused to go down that path again!

I realized I needed to raise the red flag and make peace with food. No more dieting and binging after restriction!

I finally prioritized nutrition with food I truly enjoy, sleep better, stress less, connect with others, and move in ways I want to feel my best physically and mentally – managed my menopause symptoms and lost the 22 lbs I had gained!

Let me help you manage your symptoms, get healthy without feeling deprived, eat mindfully, and get your energy back! Check out my FREE RESOURCES to get started.

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