kathleen coaching menopausal women

Menopause is inevitable. Suffering is not!

Are you finally ready to get unstuck and move forward?
  • Stop feeling tired, irritable, moody, bloated, and anxious.
  • Understand and manage fluctuating and declining hormones.
  • Be done with binging and emotional eating after counting calories, macros, and points.
  • Put your health and needs first instead of only taking care of everyone else.
Let me help you . . .
  • become confident and clear in your goals as you understand inevitable hormonal changes
  • make lifestyle choices to help with food and body image challenges
  • stop dieting and depriving, which usually leads to binging
  • recognize and trust the innate cues that your body is telling you
  • treat your body with kindness and self-compassion, feel connected, and live joyfully!
baked cupcake to honor hunger.
Ready to transform your life?
Let’s go!
Kathleen standing in front of trees during travel to Ireland

Kathleen McDermott MSN, RN

I get it! I was there!

As my unmanageable menopause symptoms got worse (menopause at age 44), I relied on food to feel better. An admitted chronic dieter, I refused to go down that path again!

I learned to stop focusing on my weight and eat intuitively. I embraced health-promoting behaviors to feel my best physically and mentally, which led me to lose the 22 lbs I gained in menopause!

Let me help you manage your symptoms, eat mindfully, and return to feeling like you – only better! Check out my FREE RESOURCES to get started.

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